Research Staff

As a research-based company, we firmly believe in innovation as a key driver for future growth. That's why at SupraNaturals you'll find a full R&D staff dedicated to developing the best-selling products.

Our on-staff M.D., Chemists, and Research Scientists utilize one of the most technologically-advanced laboratories in the world to develop some of the most exciting scientific discoveries of our time. Exhaustive research and study, including published scientific findings, historical use analysis, and examination of ingredients' health benefits are constantly evaluated.

Our own research and development activities are supplemented by our international network of collaborations with leading universities and private research institutes. Through this pooling of expertise, we aim to rapidly translate new ideas into successful products. We are quickly developing a strong reputation as an inventor company.

So whether you rely on our advanced team of internal experts to develop a unique product concept for you, or provide us with a formulation of your own, we can help make the difference between just another "me-too" product and a revolutionary, best-selling, category-creating, trend-setter. It's all in the science.

Featured Services:
  • Formula Development
  • Contract Research
  • Testing
  • Analytical Validation
  • Method Development